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Car Key Programming

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    Car Key Programming

    In this modern time, the convenience of using key fobs or electronic car keys is making the lives of many car owners easier than ever.

    This electric locking system innovation makes locking and unlocking car doors fast and burglar secure.

    However, car key malfunction happens, and it is inevitable like any machine, equipment, or device.

    Fortunately, Lock2 Locksmith Calgary can help you deal with car key programming.

    Our reliable locksmiths are knowledgeable about standard keys and locks and modern security using electronic keys.

    When Does a Car Key Need Reprogramming?

    Modern vehicles use electronic keys like key fobs and transponders, which use unique electronic code through a microchip inserted in a plastic enclosure.

    It works when the chip inside the key fob alerts the computer board of the car and enables the lock and unlock of the vehicle.

    However, when a malfunction happens, the car computer cannot read the code, thus reprogramming.

    It wears out over time by water, physical damage, and other outer impacts.

    Advantages of Having a Programmable Key

    Quick and Convenient

    A programmed car key provides the convenience of unlocking the doors and opening the trunk minus the hassle of putting the key in.

    It can start the car’s engine and even set the alarm for safety, and find the vehicle more accessible in a dark and crowded parking space.


    The need to catch up in this fast-paced world made inventors think about making lives more accessible.

    Without any hassle, you may use this programmable car key to unlock all the doors of your car quickly.

    Better Security

    The innovation in car key programming can lessen the chances of your car being robbed by or stealing your personal belongings.

    The system involves electronic key fob recognition through a specific code authorization.

    It will enable locking and unlocking the car possible only with key fobs.

    Ways to Reprogram a Car Key

    Do it Yourself

    Knowing how to troubleshoot minor vehicle issues can be helpful since it can save more money than bringing it to the mechanic every time it breaks.

    Fortunately, some vehicles nowadays can be fixed without dragging them to a car repair shop.

    Before anything else, you have to make sure your car battery is sufficient because it is needed when programming.

    First, get into your driver’s seat to easily access the ignition.

    Next, insert the key and turn the ignition “ON,” wait for a moment and press the “Lock” on the key fob.

    Then, turn the car “OFF.”

    Repeat from the start-up to step three at least four times until you hear a locking sound.

    Lastly, test if the programmed key is working.

    If it works out, then you have successfully programmed your car key.

    Note that reading manuals, watching videos, and learning through some skilled person will be a great help.

    Manufacturer or Dealer

    Many manufacturers have the exclusive system of programming a car key, especially if the brand has a unique anti-theft system.

    They might provide you with the manual, but some are crucial to fixing, so you better get help from the dealer because they probably know what to do in this situation.

    Professional Car Locksmith

    Last but not least, since some of the cars have complex security systems and use car key programming, you will undoubtedly need help from a professional locksmith.

    When a car has a complex lock and security system issue, it needs professional locksmiths.

    These key specialists are trained and have knowledge about car key programming to do it better than any tradesmen.

    Professional car locksmiths are equipped with the right tools and are well-experienced to handle your concerns.

    Aside from that, they are also accessible because most of them can be reached online or through mobile phones.

    Yes, you can probably fix some of the vehicle-related issues but remember that the car is one of the most luxurious possessions we ever bought, so we couldn’t just take the risk and fix it uncertainly.

    That’s why you need a professional and dependable locksmith to look after your valuables.

    Lock2 Locksmith Calgary employees have the training, are licensed, and are well-experienced with any related lock issue, including car key programming.

    We can accommodate your concerns 24/7 around Calgary.

    Call us now; we are happy to serve you at our best.

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