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How to Change Code on Weiser Lock – Step-by-Step Guide.

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    A Weiser lock offers homeowners an elegant and secure way to protect their property. However, every so often, for various reasons like security or just a mere change, you may need to update its code. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Code on a Weiser Lock

    1. Access the Back Panel: Start by removing the back panel of your Weiser lock. This exposes the reset button.
    2. Press and Hold the Reset Button: Using a paperclip or a pin, press and hold the reset button until you hear a beep or the LED flashes.
    3. Enter New Code: Immediately input your new desired code. Ensure that it’s something you can remember but hard for others to guess.
    4. Confirm the Code: Once entered, confirm the code by re-entering it. You should hear a confirmation beep or see a flash, indicating the code has been set.

    Detailed Table on Changing Weiser Lock Code

    Steps Description Tips
    1 Remove back panel Use a screwdriver
    2 Locate reset button Usually red or black button
    3 Enter new code 4-8 digits recommended
    4 Confirm new code Await beep or LED flash

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often should I change my Weiser lock code?

    It’s advisable to change your code every 6 months or whenever you suspect it might have been compromised. Regularly updating ensures your security isn’t compromised.

    What should I do if I forget my Weiser lock code?

    If you’ve forgotten your code, consider calling a professional locksmith for assistance. They can help reset or recover the code for you.

    Is it possible to set multiple codes on a Weiser lock?

    Yes, most modern Weiser locks allow homeowners to set multiple codes. This is useful if you have family members or guests who need temporary access.

    How do I know my Weiser lock code has been successfully changed?

    After following the steps and you hear the confirmation beep or see the LED flash, it indicates a successful code change. If in doubt, test the new code before closing the door.


    Changing the code on your Weiser lock is a straightforward process. Nevertheless, it’s crucial for maintaining the security of your property. For any lock concerns, questions, or professional services in Calgary, always turn to Look2LocksmithCalgary. With our expertise and prompt services, your security remains uncompromised. So, the next time you find yourself pondering questions like how to reset a master lock or seeking emergency solutions, don’t hesitate. Contact us for top-notch locksmith services!

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